Save Time to Live and Enjoy Life

You probably will want to work harder to increase your wealth once your revenue stream starts coming in, or you could take a holiday (vacation). While on vacation you can always check on your business or even work a couple of hours to increase your income.  At that time the choice would be completely up to you, not someone else.

That is the freedom you could achieve if you desire it enough. Being able to save time to live and enjoy life is a great feeling and should be a desire for all.

I was looking for something to break the chains tying me down to the ‘9 to 5’ job.   I decided to be break away from the 9 to 5 job, however quickly noticed that as a consultant, I could only bill so many hours for myself.  I would not make any money when I became sick or had something else I need to do.  I could have hired more people to help with my consultant business which then some of my time would be used on keeping them honest and working.

I started looking for a solution that would increase my income and found that the internet is the solution. That is what I was looking for and found which is within this site plus more.  Finding a program that will set you free is what this site is about.  When I find new products that has assisted others and me in creating wealth then I would like to share with others.

Now more than ever is this the best time to make money using the internet. There are so many graphic user interfaces programs to assist you in making income.  You do not have to write code or come up with the solution for yourself.  Others have already paved the path for you.  All you need is a good work ethic and the desire to achieve your goals.  Anyone can create wealth it is really up to you.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to work only a 40-hour week to provide for yourself. What if you must provide for more than yourself?  Do you get adequate compensated for your work?  Do you look forward to overtime or work holidays to make extra needed money?  If you lose your position do you have enough money saved up to ‘coast’ until you find another ‘job’?  There is only 8,760 hours in 365 days (1 year not counting leap year). In a 40-hour work week (8 hours x 5 days) and 52 weeks in a year there is only 2,080 hours to work.  Which means you or your employer can only bill your time between 2,080 and 8,760 hours.  Most likely will be only to bill your time more towards the 2,080 then the 8,760 as humans require relaxation.   It is up to you to move away from a ‘job’ and start creating something that will make you money even while you sleep.

This is really all up to you on how much you want to make, or achieve.

It is time to start somewhere. Do not let procrastination overcome you. 

Start increasing your wealth now to become independent.


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